XSPORT Motorsports develop first ‘Green’ electric karting venue in Middle East

The new Electric Karting facility in Zabeel Park

29/09/09 – XSport Motorsports, today announced a carbon friendly electric karting programme in partnership with Stargate Dubai Edutainment Centre, Zabeel Park.

XSport have been awarded a contract for design, fit out and management of the facility as well as fleet management, and the implementation of a karting membership programme to educate young students.

“When we were asked to consult on this project to develop the specialist Karting facility, we were very excited, as we believe there is a very attractive future ahead for the electric vehicle, even though we live in the oil rich country of UAE. These karts are also ideal for training purposes due to the internal electronics and hand controllers which allow our marshalls to stop the karts immediately should there be any safety issues, commented Lex Akehurst.

“Children of today must be educated about the environmental issues that are now common in society and it is our duty to educate them about the options available for Green initiatives in motorsports also”, continued Peter Lanz

Compared to normal fuel burning engines, the electric motors are clean, less of a fire risk due to no fuel tank, there are no hot exhausts so children won’t get burned so they are safer and they have no smell, they are also quiet so there is reduced noise emissions.

The electric karts lined up in pit lane all plugged in ready for the first pre-opening test session

There are 60 electric karts in the specialized air conditioned karting centre which is on three floors, with individual purpose built indoor tracks. There are adult size karts, children’s electric karts and also bumper cars. It is a multi purpose karting facility aimed at families, children and education. The main Cafe areas act as a viewing platforms where parents can have full view of the children.

Stargate Dubai will be opening its doors to a special Kids Karting Club, where memberships will be offered to children wishing to take up the sport, with expert tuition and competitions under the expert management from XSport Group.